Decorating the interior of your home



Decorate and give a new look to your home according to your desires!

You need to change your interior and you don’t know what type of decoration to adopt? The volume and layout of each room can be decisive criteria for the execution of your work. The materials, the colours you choose and the layout you decide on for each element will produce the final result of your decoration.


Choose a different layout for each volume.


Find decorating tutorials to adopt at home.
paint or wallpaper

Wall covering, paint or wallpaper?

Depending on your inspiration, choose wall covering: tiles or wallpaper, plain or different tone paint, neutral or bright, or wallpaper with the themes of your choice, nature, exoticism, elegance.


Aluminium, PVC, wood, what type of joinery?

All types of joinery, parquet floors, ceilings, doors or windows worked with taste and finesse with different natural, innovative and noble materials will provide you with comfort and security in your home.

Partitions or skylights

Partitions or skylights, separate beautifully!

Elegant, practical and economical partitions made from light materials to divide a large space into two or more rooms. Ignite the ambience of endless mood setting lamps with Maison Berger.

Find all styles of decoration

Apart from Christmas decoration, interior decoration is the one that best reflects your personality. To renovate your home, you have to work hard to find styles that match your expectations. By calling on specialised establishments or online sales professionals, you will have at your disposal different types of decoration and will find the most suitable for your interior.

all styles of decoration
all styles of decoration
all styles of decoration
all styles of decoration
all styles of decoration
all styles of decoration

Cement tiles inspire home decor

Elegant decorative elements

Cement tiles are becoming more and more popular as a floor or wall decoration. The production of this type of tile requires special techniques and care for the producers. On several websites, you will find different cement tiles inspired by Portugal or more modern models. Cement tiles are a timeless material.

These tiles are very resistant and very pretty from the start. Their geometric shapes and aspects, combined with different colours, give the surface on which they are applied a certain status of elegance.

Wood, a key material in home decoration


Wood, furniture and decoration

Wood is the material of choice for both decoration and construction. Wood is resistant to time and weather, and with a few maintenance techniques, it will last for many years. In decoration, it can be combined with soft textiles such as cotton, linen or velvet.

Wood is a natural material that can be manipulated into any desired shape. It is an elegant material and its raw colour is much sought after in carpentry. Wooden parquet is still very popular because of its aesthetic and noble qualities.

Wood furniture and decoration

Do you need a fresh look to change your interior?