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What is the difference between an interior architect and an interior designer?

Interior architects and interior designers both work on the design of spaces within buildings, but there are some key differences between the two professions. Interior architects are licensed professionals who have completed a degree in interior architecture from an accredited…

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How to install wall shelves?

Installing wall shelves properly requires some skills. However, by following a few steps, even a beginner can do it. How do you install wall shelves? The answer is in this article. The necessary tools To install wall shelves, you will…

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How to furnish the children’s room?

Whether you have moved into a new house or are remodelling your children’s room, it can be difficult to organise the children’s room without it feeling cluttered and disorganised. For this reason, there are several techniques you can follow to…

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How to renovate your living room?

The living room is the centrepiece of a house. It is a room for relaxation, for sharing with the family. It is also a meeting room when guests are received. Renovating this room is therefore essential because the living room…

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How to renovate a bathroom?

You no longer find your bathroom to your liking because it has aged. Now is the time to renovate your bathroom. Like all other rooms in the house, the bathroom needs to be renovated as it opens and closes your…

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How to design a kitchen?

In order to design your kitchen properly, there are a few things you need to consider in order to optimise the space. Here you can find out how to design your kitchen correctly. Why design your kitchen? It is not…

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Installing a workshop glass roof

The studio glass roof has become an essential trend in the field of decoration: from a functional point of view, it is both beautiful and practical. It allows you to maintain or create a separation between two rooms while letting…

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Design furniture for your home

Are you planning to give your living room a makeover to create a room with elegance and style? Set the tone for your living space by paying particular attention to the design of your furniture, especially your sofa. As the…

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