Installing a workshop glass roof

Published on : 25 August 20214 min reading time

The studio glass roof has become an essential trend in the field of decoration: from a functional point of view, it is both beautiful and practical. It allows you to maintain or create a separation between two rooms while letting in natural light. In particular, it is known for separating the dining room from the kitchen area. Its industrial look is timeless and matches any interior design.

How to choose a studio glass roof?

Faced with numerous models of workshop glass, it is complicated to make a choice. However, the amount of money you want to spend can be a good indicator. The ideal solution is to ask a professional to install the glass roof. They can then take measurements, especially if your walls are not straight. Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote. But there are also ready-to-install skylights. If you choose this second option, make sure your floor is level and be aware that you need at least two to install glass and lift heavy structures.

As far as materials are concerned, you can mainly choose between metal, wood and aluminium. Metal is very beautiful, it has an old-fashioned effect and allows you to have ideal finishes, you can find an authentic side structure. Wood is a more economical material, once treated and painted, it will have a very aesthetic original look. Aluminium is the most common material on the market. It is a good deal, with an excellent price/quality ratio. Visit a shutter site to find a wide range of canopies to suit your taste and budget.

Which model of workshop glass should I choose?

Once you have selected the type of material, you can consider the location of your glass roof to mark without partitioning. Between the living room and the kitchen? Between the kitchen and the dining room? Between the bathroom and the bedroom? Once you’ve decided on the location, ask yourself what type of glass roof you want and how high you want it. For example, the room-wide glass roof is perfect for marking the height of the ceiling and visually expanding your living space. With a base height of 1m, a masonry or metal skylight will be very suitable for living spaces such as lounges.

However, if you choose to use a glass roof in the bathroom or kitchen, it is best to raise the base 20cm or even 25cm above the worktop to hide unsightly storage units. The final touch is the door: traditional, removable or sliding, the choice is yours. Installing a door on the glass roof will allow you to completely close off a room, while at the same time providing a charming artist’s studio feel.

Why install a studio glass roof?

The interior glass roof evokes both the artist’s studio and the old industrial site, and allows you to replace opaque partitions with glass or semi-glass surfaces, illuminating the entire room. It is one of the most popular decoration ideas among interior designers. Between the living room and the kitchen, the interior glass wall avoids noise and unpleasant odours, while allowing views and light to circulate. Therefore, if you install a glass roof, the advantage of separating partitions should be maintained first, without losing visual quality and lighting comfort.

In addition, kit glass roofs usually come with a finished surface treatment, and the material is also different. However, when it comes to glass, you can choose between plexiglass or glass. The kit glass is cheaper, but you need to call in a professional from a shutter site to install it.

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