In order to design your kitchen properly, there are a few things you need to consider in order to optimise the space. Here you can find out how to design your kitchen correctly.

Why design your kitchen?

It is not always obvious that the kitchen is also a room that needs to be well designed. Designing your kitchen should be as thorough as any other room because it is the place where you will spend most of your time cooking. In other words, the kitchen has become a living space of its own in your daily life. It is therefore important that it inspires comfort and ease, and that the furniture is in keeping with the space you have available. It is a room that is often neglected in terms of design. Whether it is small or not, your kitchen deserves just as much attention as the other rooms in your house, since it is partly thanks to it that you can both cook and relax. La Maison Bahya offers the possibility to personalise your kitchen credenza.

How do you design your kitchen?

If you have an open kitchen, give more space to the furniture with a pivoting storage unit. For the remaining space, you can choose furniture that can be used for additional storage such as drawer units. For a kitchen with a central island, this space should be decorated with a worktop that is not connected to the rest of the island. You can choose the island of your choice. For kitchens in atypical or unusual spaces, choose furniture that is higher rather than wider. This will optimise the space and avoid overloading your kitchen. To design your kitchen properly, you also need to take into account the ease of movement. It is important to distinguish between storage, cooking and washing areas. When it comes to materials, it is best to opt for easy-to-clean materials for the practicality of your kitchen.

Mistakes to avoid when designing a kitchen

There are some mistakes you should avoid when designing your kitchen. Do not neglect the kitchen worktop and the lighting. Don't choose a drainer that is too small or choose the wrong height or width for your furniture. For electrical sockets, make sure you have enough. If you don't have a lot of time to clean, choose a tiled floor to make cleaning easier. The ventilation of your room should not be neglected either. Mechanical ventilation should be provided if you do not have enough natural ventilation in your kitchen.