The living room is the centrepiece of a house. It is a room for relaxation, for sharing with the family. It is also a meeting room when guests are received. Renovating this room is therefore essential because the living room is synonymous with conviviality and freshness. Renovating the living room can rejuvenate the house. However, before renovating this room, it is necessary to clear the living room by removing unnecessary objects. For a successful renovation, certain rules must be respected.

Play with colours by painting the wall and the objects in the living room

Painting is an essential step in renovating your living room to give your furniture a fresh look. All you have to do is choose the ideal colour to paint the wall. This colour can be bright, pastel or discreet. To avoid overloading the decoration, a maximum of three colours should be used. The choice of colour will enhance the renovation of this key room. Do not hesitate to use bright colours for the walls. It is also possible to use wallpaper to give a refined and glamorous decoration to the living room. To completely renovate the living room, the storage units, the living room table or the chairs should be painted. The old sofa can be modernised by replacing it with new fabric.

Add colourful accessories and replace curtains

Accessories play an important role when renovating a living room. To replace the plainness of the ceiling and floor, use colourful accessories. For example, bright colours should be used for furniture cushions or carpets. To have a more refined living room, it is also necessary to change the old curtains. It is recommended to use bright and light fabrics for the curtains. However, if the room is already spacious and bright, curtains made of velvet, linen or cotton should be chosen.

Lighting the living room for renovation

Lighting the living room is an essential step in renovating the room. The intensity of the lighting can be varied for floor lamps, for example. For a successful renovation, you should add decorative wall lamps to optimise the brightness of the living room. It is also possible to add LED ribbons to the sideboard to give the living room a modern touch. To light up the periphery of the living room, you need to put in cornice lights to have a subdued light in the room.