A bright house is ideal. There are many ways to achieve this. You can build it with many openings or decorate it in a warm way with specific finishes.

Zellige: a source of palpable luminosity

Zellige: a handmade tile, a material that is becoming more and more fashionable. Originally used in Arab-Andalusian constructions, it is made from pieces of terracotta. It has the advantage of capturing light in a variable way. This means that two rooms placed side by side will look very different, but just as bright. Finishing a house to your own taste can sometimes be a real headache. However, it is possible to avoid falling into a bland industrial style and to choose your own decoration. Sometimes it doesn't take much to make a house feel warm. One example is the use of handcrafted, custom-made tiles from Maison Bahya.

Handicraft skills to counteract industrial coldness

The trend in today's homes is towards the use of light, cool floor and wall coverings. These include white tiles, grey, light colours and others, making homes cold and soulless. For some time now, however, the trend has been towards a more artisanal and therefore more individual finish. The use of zelliges is a perfect illustration. With its customisable colour and shape, this material can be both unusual and chic. It is available in several shapes, including the classics (rectangle, square) and revisiting formats such as the diamond, the half-moon, etc. The colours are also increasingly rich in choice and nuance. If in the past only white and brown were predominant, it is now possible to find them in various colours such as blue, green, yellow or red.

For every taste and every room

Zelliges can be used in all rooms of the house: bathroom, kitchen and even as wall decoration in a bedroom, living room or fireplace. For those who like the white, neutral and industrial style, they can be chosen in pure white. But as they are bevelled on the sides, this will soften the cold style of the colour. Easy to combine with other materials, waxed concrete can be combined with it in a contemporary style kitchen. Zellige can also be used to personalise a bathtub by cladding it. And to bring an air of modernity or, on the contrary, a touch of vintage, depending on the shape and colour, zellige is a king's choice.