Winter is the time of year when the cold is most intense, especially in Europe as the snow falls, so a warm blanket is one of the first necessities to consider. If you like to knit or craft, you can create a cosy blanket for your family to keep them warm. So how do you go about it?

What materials should you choose to make a blanket?

Before making a cosy throw, it is essential to have all the necessary tools and materials. There are several materials to use to make a plaid, such as fabrics, scissors, pins, string, etc. In addition, to make your plaid very cosy and warm, you can add a fake or real fur of your choice in the size you want to use it (bedspread, baby blanket, etc.). However, if you or your child or baby has sensitive skin, it is better to choose a very soft and easy to care for fabric such as cotton, silk, etc.

What are the steps to follow when making a plaid?

When making your plaid, you can choose several types of fabric with the pattern that suits you. There are several steps to take to make a cosy throw, starting with the choice of fabric to use and the measurement of the size and dimension of the throw. Then you cut out the fabric in the desired shape, assemble the cut pieces with pins and sew them together. As you assemble your blanket, you can choose to add a little personal touch by adding a ribbon, for example, or by applying various structural shapes such as a tree or flowers, ...

Why choose to make a DIY plaid?

It is true that many home shops offer blankets, bedspreads and baby blankets at affordable and very competitive prices. However, there is nothing better than having your own personalised cosy blanket. It is actually more economical to make a DIY (Do It Yourself) blanket instead of spending money on store-bought ones. Furthermore, by choosing to make a throw on your own, you have the advantage of choosing the length, size and dimension you want for your product. You can also choose the thickness that suits you best.