Putting rugs where others least expect them is a very original idea. Rugs are certainly pieces that can be difficult to maintain, but they are very useful for having a pleasant space. Put rugs everywhere if that's what you find soothing, just make sure it's useful to you and that you enjoy staying in your home.

How do you dress up the interior of the house with a rug?

The way you position your rug matters a lot in terms of decoration. A rug should not only be decorative, it should be useful. In an open-plan space, a rug is used to delimit spaces. You can put a rug under the dining table and chairs, or under the couch to separate the living room from the dining area. A nice rug will also add charm to your floor, without the need to change the covering. A carpet is a great help in a house that is not sufficiently insulated, to avoid being too cold in winter.

Decorating idea: which rugs to choose?

It is also important to choose the right material and colours to match the rest of the decoration. A carpet that is suitable for a dining room is not necessarily suitable for a living room or a bedroom. Bright colours will help to brighten up your home. Avoid using light coloured carpets in the living room for example. Longhair rugs are very nice, you can use them to bring more softness to your room. Placing carpets in bathrooms is a very bad idea. Rugs that are not too messy are better for small children. Playing with shapes is also very important.

Indoor rugs for a cosy and cocooning atmosphere

It is important to have a warm atmosphere in the house. Use your creativity to choose soft, fluffy rugs in soothing colours for your home. Choose neutral colours for your rugs without going too light. Put a mouse grey rug with white curtains to avoid darkening your home. Opt for very soft carpets that make you want to stay at home. A cosy atmosphere is synonymous with softness and calmness.