Essential oils are powerful natural plant extracts that are effective in treating diseases. They can complement the function of medicine by using them together. They are also useful for creating beauty products to beautify your body in general. Take advantage of the benefits they can provide in all necessary areas.

Essential oils for getting started in aromatherapy

It's hard to put together a family kit of essential oils. It's hard to know which product to buy first to start using these powerful natural plant extracts. The first 5 to remember are: those based on tea tree or Melaleuca alternifolia or tree tea which quickly eliminates fatigue. Next: lemon or citrus limonum which is antibacterial and protects the skin and prevents nausea. The essential oils of palmarosa or cymbopogon martinii which regenerate the skin and the capillaries. After that of fine lavender or lavandula angustifolia: which is anti-inflammatory and a cardiotonic as well as healing. Finally: the essential oil of ravintsara or cinnamomum camphora: they allow you to strengthen your body's defences against various diseases. For more information, please consult sites like They will give you more information.

The properties of essential oils

Essential oils are medicines that treat small ailments that occur every day of life. Apart from their curative virtue, they also help to prevent the organism from bacterial and viral infections. The most well-known property is the antiseptic: as in a wound for example, especially when the germs of microbes persist and the healers need to involve powerful antibiotics. The virtues of natural plants in various states have been known for thousands of years. There are those of thyme or savory or cinnamon and others. Nowadays, these powers are proven to be successful for all your needs.

The effectiveness of the composition of essential oils

Pharmacists or producers of natural herbal medicines from time to time mix them to form more effective and successful products. That is, if you combine them, their mutual strength brings more principle that is more active. It is important then to know which plants you could mix for which situation or case. It will be necessary to potentiate your effects on the research. However, do not exceed 3 to 4 oils to avoid antagonisms. With this use, you could create your own composition and even make perfumes or other natural products.