Round rugs are another current trend. Ideal for small areas, perfect for the bathroom, master bedroom or children's room. If you want to create a warm and cosy room, then a round rug is your best bet. Note that the small round rug can also be placed on a Scandinavian coffee table, for example.

Where to buy a round decorative rug?

For the living room, bedroom or hallway, a rug is an indispensable decorative accessory. It adds warmth to the room and often determines the atmosphere you want to create inside. It can also be used to define the space in a large living room: dining area, relaxation area. In order to help you find rare pearls that will enhance your interior like never before, carpet shops offer you a complete range of quality models, from the most classic to the most designer.

Why choose a decorative round rug?

Round rugs are an excellent alternative to square or rectangular rugs. It contrasts with the monotony and adds personality to the room. It is very beautiful and practical, showing a good relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Its round shape contrasts with the corner and gives a soft style to the house. It will automatically attract the eye. Round rugs usually inspire a certain kind of intimacy, caution and well-being. Round rugs are therefore rarer and more primitive. It will stand out immediately. Round and soft and warm. It immediately evoked childhood. That is why it naturally has a place in babies' and children's rooms. It is also suitable for bathrooms. Thick, soft rugs are ideal for bedrooms. Round, colourful rugs are suitable for children's rooms. They are very cheerful and coordinate with all the furniture and toys in the room. This carpet gives the impression of enlarging the space. Therefore, it is recommended to install one in a small space. The round rug under the circular coffee table also helps to emphasise the table. In this case, it is best to choose a solid colour. However, it is not recommended to add a round rug in the same room, as the desired effect will be reduced.

How to choose a round decorative rug?

The first criterion to consider is that the materials should be selected according to the desired effect and the desired use. For example, you can choose wool for a real and natural look. On the other hand, if you are looking for brighter colours or shiny effects, synthetic fibres are more suitable. In terms of use, the cotton model can be used in areas with a high flow of people. This all-round material is easy to maintain. In front of fireplaces, wool is preferred because of its flammability and anti-static properties. Natural fibre models are known for their high resistance and ease of maintenance. However, some trends are emerging. If you want a classic and warm atmosphere, don't hesitate to choose a normal style with short hair or a soft and fluffy style. Elegance and comfort are guaranteed. If you want to dress up your interior without compromising a certain natural style and simplicity of appearance, then a neutral round rug will be your ally. In this case, you can choose materials such as jute, braided rope or felt, which will bring a certain degree of authenticity and rustic feel and will be very welcome. Finally, to achieve a more dynamic and modern interior design, make room for patterns that can bring in graphic effects and give people a bit of wisdom. For example, in a Scandinavian style decoration, a carpet with a circular geometric pattern will be perfect.