All interiors are different. The choice of wall colour, furniture, floor covering and room layout make them unique. Everyone likes to decorate to feel better at home. Adding colour brings enthusiasm to your home and promotes a good mood. Classic Blue is one of the most famous colours in the world. That's why we need to know how to adopt the colour Classic Blue in the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Classic Blue in the living room

This type of colour is reminiscent of the hues of precious stones such as quartz, ruby and emerald. A well-decorated living room requires a combination of these mineral hues. Classic Blue brings power to the walls creating soothing effects in your room. Dark walls can visually reduce your room. In this case, it is necessary to adopt lighter furniture. Classic Blue is dark, but has a bright side. To enhance this effect, you can combine it with gold metal or other light elements. The angular sofa, accessories and objects in midnight blue give your living room a special touch. Painting your wall in Classic Blue highlights your fireplace.

Classic Blue in the kitchen

By mixing pastel shades with Pantone blue, you get a more retro kitchen. In fact, to make classic furniture stand out, it is advisable to use midnight blue in your kitchen. For an American-style kitchen, combine Classic Blue with mustard yellow. If you want to create a more rustic atmosphere, use some wooden objects. To highlight your floor and walls, you can add low cabinets in midnight blue to your kitchen. For a good decoration, you can install on your wall shelves the pretty blue dishes.

Classic Blue in the bathroom

For the bathroom, it's best to use original blue tiles. Moreover, it is moisture resistant and easy to clean. To make your bathroom warm and modern, paint the main wall with Classic Blue. For a small bathroom, use Midnight Blue paint to highlight those decorative elements. For a chic and modern look, don't hesitate to tile your shower in Classic Blue.